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Preventative Services

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Monthly & Quarterly Services:

We can design a pest control program according to your needs. Monthly services are designed to give effective protection for apartment buildings & multi-unit buildings, warehouses, restaurants etc.. Most homeowners only require a quarterly service to provide protection against non-structural insects.

Perimeter Treatments:

Perimeter treatments are an exterior treatment designed to stop household-invading insects (spiders, ants, centipedes, earwigs etc.) BEFORE they enter your home.

Stinging Insect Prevention Program:

Our stinging insect prevention program is popular with people who want to protect themselves, their children & their pets before they get a nest & someone gets stung. We can treat your home in the spring to help prevent wasps, hornets, bees etc. from building nests on your home! Our stinging insect prevention program includes a guarantee! 
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Bedbug Prevention Programs:

Are you planning to move? GSE Exterminating can help you reduce the likelihood that bedbugs will infest your items during transport to your new home.


Termite Pre-Treatments for New Construction:

Building a new home? Why not protect it before termites cause a problem. We can treat the soil under your new home before the basement concrete floor is poured. This eliminates the need for drilling & is generally up to 50% less expensive than post-construction termite treatments! Also if you are installing a pool with a vinyl liner, we can treat the soil under your pool before the liner is installed. (Termites have been known to chew through vinyl pool liners causing leaks & the need for liner replacement.)


Stinkbug Reduction Treatments:      

Our stinkbug reduction treatments are designed to help stop stinkbugs BEFORE they get into the walls of your home. Once stinkbugs are inside the walls of your home, insecticide treatments are ineffective. Stinkbug reduction treatments must be performed mid-August through late September to be effective! (NOTE: Stinkbug  Reduction treatments are designed primarily for single family homes & duplexes.)



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